VCR Lesson 1 Presentation

Ethan Shoemaker

Fill In The Blank

The man could not give up his _____________ love for the woman, even after he learned her interest lied in another man.
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unrequited (adj.)

- Not reciprocal; not given in payment or returned in kind.


- unreturned

- unanswered

- unrewarding

- not satisfied


- requited

- repaid

- given back

Common Use

The word 'unrequited' is frequently used to describe emotions felt towards something or someone of the utmost importance, most commonly for love. It is used primarily to show a large displace of affection between two subjects, where one's emotions do no amount as greatly as the other's.


The word 'unrequited' began appearing in English text between the years of 1535-1545.
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Circle the letter of the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a.) The extent of the girl's love towards the boy matched his own, bringing to life unrequited love.
b.) The girl was left in tears as she learned her unrequited love would not be returned.
c.) The unrequited love caused a broken heart in Jim.
d.) Susan never loved a man quite like Zack before, but upon hearing that Zack had a girlfriend, her love became unrequited.
The correct answer above is letter A. By stating that "the girl's love matched his own", it implies that the love was returned wholeheartedly. It cannot be unrequited love if it is returned or repaid.

Examples of Some Latin Roots

- quiesco, quiescere, quievi, quietum (" to rest," "to remain quiet")