Digital citizenship project

Alexus P. P:6

Rule#1 Digital Etiquette

THINK before you post: is when you need to stop and think before you post something or do something that you will regret need to know if it is True? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind?

Rule #2 Information Privacy

think before you do something: why because you need to read things before just to make sure.

Rule#3 Social Networking

be careful what you do on social networking: because it would be hard to to get a job if you did something bad on that social networking sight so so be careful.

Rule#4 Online Safety

Be careful what you do: you need to be careful because strangers could be rude to you spam you so you need to be careful who you friend request.

Rule#5 Cyberbullying

Be careful what you say online: you don't want to get bullied because it does not feel great it can cause depretion so don't be rude!!!!!!!

Rule#6 Plagiarism

don't copy peoples work: if you copy someone and you were cought you would be in big trouble and also that if you copy and paste someone else's work off the computer it would haunt you later in your life.


don't copy others work: you need to not copyright or else you will get sued and if you want to use someone else's work then you need to ask for there right before so.

why is digital citizen ship important?

it is important because, there is so many good rules.