London, England

Come on over for tea!


Do you want to go somewhere that you can go sightseeing? How about you going to London, England. London is a wonderful place to go sightseeing. London has wonderful food and delightful tea. The way the tea is served, it is served in a warm china teapot. London has many different types of food, it has a verity of meat pies, a verity of pies, and different types of wine (bitter).

Information about London

Quick facts

  • The London Eye stands about 135 meters high.
  • The London museum contains famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures and the Portland Vase.
  • About 12% of Britian's overall population live in London.
  • London is the seat of central government in Britian's.
  • The red telephone kiosk was designed b Sir Giles Gilbert Scott at the request of the Post Office in 1924.