Lydia Noël Renn

Elementary Education

About Me!

My name is Lydia Renn I'm from Chapel Hill, North Carolina! I love going to the beach and being with my family. I've been swimming since I was four and love all things that have to do with the water and Charleston!

  • My family is my world! My mom is my best friend and my brother is my biggest influence in life!
  • I have two very sweet pets, a golden who is 1 named Kona and cat who looks like the cat in the fancy feast commercial his name is Mango.
  • I love teaching, my mom is a teacher and I grew up working in her classroom and since I was 5 I knew it was what I wanted to do.
  • My favorite education memory is being a 5th grader, my teacher was inspiring and just really wanted to share his passion for education with us!