Book Club Journal #1

By: Christine Abanto (Will Grayson Group)

Summary of What Happened

In our first book club, the basic plot of the book was mainly discussed and everyone contributed to the discussion (with the exception of Asaan). I tried to bring up topics we could talk about that could further drive the discussion into a level 4 degree of a conversation. I tried to bring up theme development and foreshadowing. Aiden and Luke brought up great points when it came to theme development and helped me better understand some of the foreshadowing that went down in Will Grayson. We didn't discuss much about literary devices and words that we didn't understand unfortunately. Yet it may be due to how modern and straightforward the book is written. Will Grayson is a book clearly directed toward the adolescent age group, so it's understandable for the book to contain easy to understand words as well as a low amount of literary devices. Teenagers just want to get straight to the point when reading books, so its writing style makes sense. However this doesn't mean the book lacks in quality. It captures the readers interest very well and I can clearly see that within my group. Everyone seems to be enjoying the book even though it's been a few chapters. I'm excited to see where the book will go plot-wise and it seems my group is too.
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What we need to work on:

  1. Staying on topic.
  2. Trying to not focus as much on basic plot and try discussing development in character theme and setting.
  3. Identify literary devices.
  4. Talk about vocabulary words we found throughout the text.