Southwark Park News

February 2021

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families,

It has been a new and different school experience for us all this half term and now that we are coming to the end of the half term I can only say how proud and impressed we are with everyone’s enthusiasm in taking the opportunities offered. Whilst we hope to see you all back in school safely soon, we know that there is still a need for devices for families and we are working closely with Southwark Council and local businesses to try and source as many devices as possible. We have a list of families that we are working through to get devices to. To the parents, I just want to say you have done an amazing job this half term and you should be proud of everything you have achieved during this current lockdown. Children, you have been phenomenal in your attitude to learning and your resilience to the current situation and we are all inspired by this. To the staff, thank you for always striving to do the best for our families and ensuring that we are able to offer a high-quality education experience for children at home and in school. Please look at the free activities staff have put together to entertain your children during half term. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you remotely or face to face on Monday 22nd February.

Mr Vernalls


Click Here for Half-Term Activities and More!

Follow this link to explore museums virtually or find a fun and different activity to keep your children busy over the half-term break.


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Teachers and staff are very proud of the learning and enthusiasm from children across the school during remote lessons. To help celebrate the hard work and positive attitudes towards learning, the adults at school are sending home postcards. Check out some of the postcards that have already been sent out this month!

Luka, Thank you for always being an enthusiastic learner who exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in class. You're a conscientious and hardworking pupil. You listen actively to other children and always respond in a courteous manner. Thank you for all your thoughtful interaction. You're a credit to SPPS and I'm very proud of you. ​

Tatum Lei, I just wanted to send a note to say well done for all your hard work these past few weeks. You've coped really well with some of the technical issues you had and never stopped trying your hardest to complete your work. Your commitment to your learning is really clear. Keep up the good work!

Ella, You have been doing so well with our online learning! You are happy to join in class discussions and are getting more confident using google classroom every day. I have been really impressed with the quality of your work and I think it's great that you ask questions when you don't understand. What great learning behaviour!

Adele, Your enthusiasm and sunny nature has brightened up our online classroom! You have been working hard and asking questions to help you understand the work, which is great learning behaviour. I've really noticed how engaged you have been so I wanted to say a big well done!

Riley, It has been a pleasure learning on google classroom with you Riley! You always listen carefully and try your best with the work you are given. Your hard work and patience, especially when things go wrong with the technology, has​ been great to see. Keep up the great home learning!​

Dear Dollie, Well done for approaching online learning with such positivity and enthusiasm! Everyday you try your hardest and I am so proud of the work you are producing. You are an active participator within each session and made fantastic contributions to the group. Keep up the fantastic online learning!

Dear Hanad, Well done for having such a positive attitude to your online learning! You are always participating in our learning and taking on additional challenges too! You are producing some lovely pieces of work and becoming reflective when taking on feedback. Continue to work hard and I look forward to seeing more of your great work!

Freddie, Well done for continuously putting an effort into your work even when it's been confusing for you. You've shown our schools values whilst being at home taking responsibility for your learning and showing excellence in your work. Continue to put the same amount of effort in everyday! I'm very proud of you.

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Article of the Week

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 9th February was Safer Internet Day- celebrated on the same day in over 170 countries around the world! This years theme was 'An Internet We Trust', which is very relevant in these interesting times! How can we be sure the information we read online is trustworthy?

Children at Southwark Park School joined in by watching assemblies and taking part in lessons and activities about identifying reliable information. Children in KS1 learned about Detective Digiduck, who learns about double checking information before accepting is as fact. Children in KS2 dug in a little bit deeper. They discussed what 'trust' is, and the kinds of things we choose to trust. They discussed online adverts, chain messages, phishing and edited phots or videos. All of this was accompanied by reminders of how to stay safe online and what is and is not appropriate. To find out more information about staying safe online, and for activities and advice for safe internet use at home, use the link here.

Express Yourself

The last week in January was Children’s Mental Health Week. This week aims to support children with expressing who they truly are, as well as being comfortable and confident in sharing thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The health and well-being team created a special week of events for each class to join in on. Some of these events included:

  • A remote assembly by the Oak National Academy
  • Exploring different artwork and drawing your feelings, as well as
  • Listening to music and storytelling about mental health

The weeklong focus ended with a special day where staff and children dressed to express themselves. Below are some pictures from school and virtual lessons with children dressed in a way that represents their individuality.

What are parent say about Remote Learning at Southwark Park?

In the January Newsletter, we sent out a parent survey to gage how families were finding our remote learning expectations. Thank you to all the parents that took the time to complete this. Overall, the feedback was very positive. The one area that parents needed some clarification on was who to call if you need any technical support. If you are struggling with technology, please call the school and ask to speak to Mr. Sinko and he will do his best to support you. Below are some of the things parents had to say about our remote offering.

'Thank you for having so much patience, my son loves how the days are set out now I think it makes him feel very grown up being able to work by himself with a laptop but knowing you are both on hand if he needs any help.'

Year 4 parent

'The teachers have been fantastic in the transition to online learning from day one and they make classes engaging and fun. They are doing an incredible job of keeping everyone engaged.'

Reception Parent

'Thank you so much for being there for them. I believe they enjoy it so much. You make them feel like this is something normal and that is so good for their mental health. They feel so excited to see you every day and talk to you. We really appreciate your job. You are our second hero this difficult days. Thank you again.'

Year 3 Parent

'Thank you for all your amazing work and support not just to my children but also to me as a parent. Remote learning has been very good this time due to the support and constant kindness and care and praise from the teachers to the kids. Thank you Southwark Park and teachers.'

Reception, Year 2, and Year 6 Parent

'We have found the new remote learning setup much more helpful for both, the children and us parents. This way the school timetable is maintained, the kids are more focused and they also get the free time that they also need.'

Year 5 Parent


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