By: Mallory Harvey


T - Title

I think it means follow your dreams and don't look back, and if you do don't be to late or they will go. ONCE AND A LIFE TIME.

P - pharaphase

He had his chance at a dream and he didn't follow his gut. So he didn't have another chance. Know his life isn't as great as he planed.

C - Connotation

He was having a great life and he had a chance to make it better but it was a little riskey, so he didn't do it, Know he regrets his decision and life didn't go as planned.

A - Attitude/ Tone

The tone in the poem is very calm and a hint of sadness. There attitude is like a warning to follow your dreams

S - Shift

In the poem there was not really a shift, they talk about the same thing and he doesn't change his decision about it.

T - Title

My emotions have not changed will I have been doing this poem.

T - Theme

The Theme is is in the past, and telling you know to follow your dreams unlike him. In the past he was happy then he as gotten sad.