Second Grade Library News

What have second graders been doing in the library?

Second graders have been learning about library resources!

During library this quarter, we have been tying in to classroom work that uses a variety of library reference resources. When the second graders' flat travelers began traveling, we started by examining atlases, globes, and other forms of maps. We then began to read together The Secret of the Silver Key, an adventure starring Fribble Mouse. Fribble receives an antique key for his birthday, and embarks on a series of detective adventures in which Fribble uses a dictionary, encyclopedia, primary sources (such as an antique shop and an interview with a postal carrier), online library catalog searches, Google searches, and more. Students have not only found the story engaging (and they try to predict and analyze what is going to happen), but they have also found it surprising that there are some elements of this fictional story that are real. One mystery not yet solved: Fribble came into possession of some small, blue balloon aviation stamps. We were able to look up those stamps and discover that they really existed. What were they for? Are they antique? Would they be worth anything? We are wondering about that and more as we continue to use a variety of library resources to keep up with Fribble.

We also enjoyed poetry in celebration of National Poetry month! Students had fun exploring various kinds of poetry. Did you know that poetry does not have to rhyme? Or follow any particular format? Students enjoyed various styles of poetry and checked out many poetry books.

Got any apps to share?

If students have any educational apps they would like to share, let me know! Here are some educational apps that students will love.

Vocabulary/Spelling City...Math vs. Zombies...PBS Kids Play... BrainPop... PebbleGo... Vocabula... Rush Hour... Cut the Rope... Toontastic... Bluster... Scribblenauts... Duolingo

There are soooo many more than I can possibly mention here. My own kids have played Scribblenauts on their Nintendo DS devices for years. Both kids are now learning French through Duolingo. The apps/sites I listed here are just to give you a taste of what is out there. You can also Google "best apps for [name your device] to find more. is one site where I found some of these apps!