Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Kayla Metiva

We are here to help make the planning of your loved ones funeral stress-free. We are available 24 hour a day, seven days a week to ensure that whenever you need us we are available. As we work with you to plan the funeral, we take into account individual, family, cultural, and economic preferences. Call us at 1-800-655-9000 to set up a consultation.
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Individual Factors

  • What are your loved ones wishes?
  • We have both burial and cremation services available (Funeralwise LLC, 2015).
  • Wide selection of caskets and urns to choose from.
  • Bring us mementos or special objects to make the funeral personalized.
  • Photographs and musical preferences also help make the funeral individualized.
  • Can prearrange funeral to allow one to organize their own funeral (Funeralwise LLC, 2015).
  • We allow you to "work with professional funeral directors to create meaningful rituals that reflect and celebrate the unique life of the person who had died" (Leming & Dickinson, 2011, p. 379).

Family Factors

  • What does the family want or need?
  • Staff available to provide grief support.
  • Work with you to create eulogies and memorial tables (Next Steps for Families, LLC, 2008).
  • We have a number of different rooms to accommodate small and large families.
  • Funeral director and clergy work directly with you to prepare services (Funeralwise LLC, 2015).
  • We also can help to ensure floral arrangements or other mementos are done appropriate and set up during the funeral.
  • Provide assistance for setting up memorial fund (Next Steps for Families, LLC, 2008).
  • Can provide resources for cemeteries to arrange for entire family to be buried in the same area.
  • Public or private services available.

Cultural Factors

  • Will your culture plan a role in the funeral or in your expectations?
  • Many different religious books in order to meet religious needs (Funeralwise LLC, 2015).
  • Please tell us about any cultural traditions (ritual chanting, singing songs, praying, lighting candles, etc.).
  • We have the ability to plan a funeral quickly or wait a specific amount of time based on cultural preferences.
  • Prayers and services based on cultural beliefs.
  • Open and closed casket options based on personal preference and cultural beliefs (Funeralwise LLC, 2015).

Economic Factors

  • What are your cost concerns?
  • Itemized charges to provide for cost flexibility (Next Steps for Families, LLC, 2008).
  • When thinking about cost consider the following factors: Casket/urn, staff, facilities, transportation, services, programs, embalming, flowers, etc.
  • Many different options to choose from and we work with you to stay within a budget.
  • Various packages also available with the most commonly selected items (Next Steps for Families, LLC, 2008).
  • Cemetery charge is separate.
  • Prepay option available.

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