Peek at the Bancroft Week

Volume 2 Edition 1

August 16 - 20, 2021

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Tuesday 8/17 @ 5pm - Back to School Night

Friday 8/20 @ 6pm - Ice Cream Social


State immunization law requires children who are not fully vaccinated can only attend school in California if they have a medical exemption, are homeless or are admitted conditionally while catching up on vaccinations. MDUSD also includes students with IEPs in this group who we will not exclude. Students admitted conditionally must adhere to Centers for Disease Controls catch-up schedules, while homeless students must receive all required immunizations as soon as possible after beginning school. As we begin inviting students to come to campus for ongoing support, we need to make sure that the students are immunized. The state law does not include the coronavirus vaccine. Ask your teachers to provide you with lists of students that they have or will invite on campus for support. Then give that list to your school nurse to check for completed immunizations. School nurses will also check to see if the students on the list require medical support when they are on campus. We thank you for your support.

Ongoing COVID-19 Testing and Protocols

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8/17 - Back to School Night

8/20 - Ice Cream Social

8/25 - School Board Meeting

8/26 - School Site Council Meeting

9/21 - Picture Day