Women & Children on the Goldfields

By Mary


Women worked at shops or stayed home. Women were shopkeepers and sold things that you only needed on the goldfields. Martha Glendinning arrived at the goldfields and brought goods and things with her. She worked at the shop with her sister that came with her. Some women stayed at home to cook,clean and make clothes.

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Roles And Responsibilties

They made clothes for their childern or their husbands. Some women were entertainers so they could get gold be rich. Then their husbands did not have to work alot.Children went to school but they didnt want to go. They had to go because if they didnt go they would get hit by their family. If they did wrong things at school they could get hit by their teacher. Some parents moved places and children always changed school.

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On the goldfields there weren't many doctors. When women were pregnant other women had to help each other because there were not many doctors. Women's life was hard. The care was hard in 1850 but now it's easy. Women,men and children got sick from coughing,measles and a lot more things.

children and education

At the goldfield so many children did not go school in the 1850s and those who did often went to school for nine months or few years. The school was made out of tents. Children didn't go to school beause their parents used to move alot to other places to go goldpanning and more things. When children got sick their wasn't any doctors to help. Did u know that boys have to go to school more often then girls?