From: eliav even and ben rbinovich

Earth Day Cleanup: Jiankou ‘Big West’ Wall

So we wanted to tell about environmental activities in Earth Day Ball 2015 in Beijin when a group of tourists and citizens came to the north hills of Beijin.

In their journey they went for long walls of Beijing they collected: plastic bottles, cans, tissues, noodle wrappers, and worse.

This is all done in order to clean up the environment. And we think that's a good thing because most people Participating in this activity come to Beijing at a low price RMB 150-200 per person and for Enjoy the trip itself.

So what really gets people cleaning up the environment and enjoy while .

In addition this well because people are exposed to the beauty of nature along with the dirt and they understand what it takes to protect the environment.

And let's concentrate on the primary purpose for which this task is done, This activity actually cleaned the whole area of Beijing North walls and wept bitterly.

It should be noted that where before was filled with garbage that destroyed the earlier and grows and lives that were around.

Los- Angeles “GRAND PARK”

Another place we wanted to tell him that Los Angeles grand park on April 22, 2015.This event invited all residents of the city to the Grand Park when entrance is free and there is a whole range of activities on the environment like:

  • E- waste Drop Off
  • Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation Displays
  • Tour Grand Park’s Sustainable Landscaping
  • Gardening Demos
  • Educational Performances
  • The Music Center Tours
  • Composting
  • Plant & Tree* giveaways
  • Electric Vehicle Demos
  • Recycled Art Project
  • Healthy Lifestyle Vendors
  • Free Ice Cream

We think it's a very good thing because they actually explain to people the importance of preserving the environment with fun and interesting activities so that they raise the awareness of the environment and Maria doesn't have to be so hard.

  • Environmental Festival in Rishon Lezion

    The Festival will take place in Rishon Letzion on 25.5.16 In a park in Hebrew The aim of the Festival is to inculcate the inhabitants the Orange Tin to us and the importance of separating garbage emphasizing the Tin packaging –The Orange Tin. All this will by games competitions represent the performances and lectures.

    Activity that we think will be good for Israel too.

    We think that the task in Beijing will be also good in Israel because Israel has a lot of tourism places tourists will operate environmental enthusiasts for the environment and to enjoy beautiful places to have Israel to offer them.
    Save Our World

    Facts we learned from video

    What we learned from this video to EarthIs our home and if we want that is our House in the future we need to start to save him. Another thing is that there are many ways to protect the environment like:

    • recycling
    • Reuse
    • reduced power and consumption.......