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Summer Updates for K-5 Social Studies Teachers!

Welcome to Summertime!

Happy Summer 2018 Team!

Listed below are a few key updates as well as some opportunities for professional learning coming in the new year. As always, please continue to check out main site at for weekly updates. Lots of great opportunities are coming up! Our next issue will be to kick off the 2018-19 school year in August! Be safe this summer!

The CMS August Symposium is August 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Please use this form to indicate interest in presenting on the curriculum days: August 20th, 21st and 22nd. You will be asked to present 4-6 half day sessions over these 3 days with 20-30 teachers in each session. With this comes a stipend of 150 dollars for prep work before the sessions begin, a letter to serve as an artifact of support for standard 1 (Leadership) of the teacher evaluation tool to acknowledge your contribution as well as primary consideration for upcoming conferences and other leadership opportunities. We are also able to provide you with a book of your choice for your own professional development/reading.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay for the actual presentation days as teacher contracts for the 2018-19 school year will have already begun but it is our sincere hope that the prep stipend and material supports will help to compensate for your leadership on this project.

The scope of this work will look at blending content in the literacy block. We hope to expand in this area by leveraging your expertise to design and deliver engaging sessions to deliver to the entire district this fall. We look forward to working with you!

PROFESSIONAL READING: Whats the Buzz? K-5 School Using the C3 Inquiry Arc

Below is a link to download a great case study for you to dive into for support to develop a question led, inquiry based classroom in the 2018-2019 school year! There are great examples to drive your summer planning. What best is this does not have to be exclusive to Social Studies. Inquiry can drive all content areas such as Math, Science and ELA too!

Learning with the NC Museum of History

If you are searching for innovative and stimulating staff development experiences, look no further! Designed for teachers, our exciting workshops combine historical content with innovative classroom applications.

Please check with your district professional development coordinator for information about continuing education credits.

In-House Teacher Workshops

On site workshops are occasionally offered. We'll post more information on this page once we schedule additional workshops.

Online Educator Workshops

These distance-learning programs are geared just for educators and for those interested in earning continuing education credits (up to forty contact hours per workshop). To review what types of credit are available for each workshop, click here. Access the workshops anytime during the program dates. You must have access to a computer with an Internet connection to participate in these courses.

The cost per workshop is $40; $25 for Associates with Education Memberships and for NCDNCR Employees. Each program is limited to thirty participants, so register early.

For more information, call 919-807-7965, e-mail or review our Online Workshop FAQs.

Interested in our cornerstone lessons produced for ILT?

The Social Studies department worked closely with our ILT (Instructional Leadership Team) to create authentic cornerstone lessons for PK - 12. Below is a link to take a look at the foundation level lessons themselves that incorporated writing, document analysis and text dependent questions for all levels. This was powerful work to see across all grade levels. Very proud of our teachers that participated! Feel free to use these lessons moving forward!

How do we make THINKING VISIBLE? FREE resource for high leverage strategies you can use tomorrow in your classroom!

Visible Thinking makes extensive use of learning routines that are thinking rich. These routines are simple structures, for example a set of questions or a short sequence of steps, that can be used across various grade levels and content. What makes them routines, versus merely strategies, is that they get used over and over again in the classroom so that they become part of the fabric of classroom' culture. The routines become the ways in which students go about the process of learning.

Thinking routines form the core of the Visible Thinking program. What makes these routines work to promote the development of a students thinking and the classroom culture are that each routine:

  • Is goal oriented in that it targets specific types of thinking
  • Gets used over and over again in the classroom
  • Consists of only a few steps
  • Is easy to learn and teach
  • Is easy to support when students are engaged in the routine
  • Can be used across a variety of context
  • Can be used by the group or by the individual

Routines are really just patterns of action that can be integrated and used in a variety of contexts. You might even use more than one routine in teaching a single lesson. Thus, you shouldn't think about the routine as taking time away from anything else you are doing, they should actually enhance what you are trying to do in the classroom.

Visit the link below to learn more:


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Wondering about those AWESOME K-5 Social Studies themed Literacy libraries? Check out the on-demand webinars!

Remember, every CMS teacher should have their own kit! Check with your administrator to order one from our textbook warehouse if you haven't already!



Be sure to download the webinar guide below for both the K-2 and 3-5 kits!

CMS teachers, access the digital lesson plans here (use CMS email only to request access)