Positive Skills

By: Garrett Richardson


The ability to be sensitive in a difficult situation. This is a good ability to have so you can calm someone down if they start to freak out due to stress.


This is when you are on time getting work done and the ability to plan ahead to get the work done. This is a skill to have because employers will trust you with more work since you can get it done by the due date.


This shows that you have integrity and that you are a productive work that takes your work seriously. This is must have skill to have while working anywhere because if you don't show professionalism then people wont want to hire you.


The ability to act the correct way around other people. If you have good etiquette then you will have an easier time getting to know fellow worker and you will fit in better.

Good Attitude

The ability to be pleasant with people even though you could be stressed out about work or personal problems. If you have a good attitude towards everything you will eventually get it done but if you have a bad attitude about it then you will get stressed out about everything.