TES Weekly Update

February 15, 2016

A Few Words...

I'm a little late...Thursday was certainly festive and you could definitely feel the kids' energy of excitement! I was lucky enough to time some class visits with Go Noodle breaks! Please let me know if you have a set "break" time during your day, I would love to stop in and play along! I loved seeing how Mrs. Leonard incorporates math questioning into the Go Noodle break.

I hope you found Thursday's PD sessions beneficial. Based on the share out at the day's end, it was. I enjoy following George Couros who I feel is an innovative leader. "A question that I always ask teachers is, “Could you spend an entire day sitting in your own classroom as a student?” The question that I asked myself as a beginning administrator was, “Could I spend the whole day in my staff meeting?” I tried to create an environment that I would want to be in as a teacher."

Although the temperatures are looking better this week, the chance of rain may mean more indoor recess.

If you are planning to use the lab other than your scheduled time, please check the Google Calendar Computer Lab schedule. Create a time block for your class to avoid confusion.

Thanks for all you do!


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