The Journey Of The Tuck's

From the book Tuck Everlasting

Tucks Kidnapping

Winnie was a girl who was mad because she had to go to a really harsh school, so she ran away and she found a magical spring. She found a boy named Jesse Tuck who was near a spring. She had gotten kidnapped by the Tucks who then told her there secret. Mae told her that they drank the spring water and now they can live forever. Mae told Winnie that she'd return her after a few days. The constable found them and Mae went to jail. Then she escaped.

Wealthy Child On The Loose

The Tucks kidnapped Winnie Foster because they were afraid that Winnie would drink the water and then told people about the spring. Then the world would be way to out of hand and everyone would live forever. So they explained to her that they lived forever on their horse. They took her for a few days and by then the police already found them. Mae then killed the man who tried to take Winnie. The constable put Mae in jail after the man in The Yellow Suit was declared dead. The scene of the crime was at the spring.

Some Of The People Thought To Have Kidnapped Wealthy Girl

Figurative language. Constable-the police officer Clung-stuck Remnant-the remaining quantity Suspenders-things that hold up your pants

Mood And Setting Of The Story

The Setting of the story is in the olden days and the season is probably in summer. The mood is suspenseful but also a little scary.

My opinion of the book is .....

My opinion of the book is that it's an excellent book. If anyone is thinking about reading this book I would have told them its an extraordinary.