Expressions of Jealousy

Stephanie Lursen

How do you respond to the expressions of jealousy?


Jealousy is common among siblings in the sibling rivalry period. Some parents, however, can make things much worse between the siblings. They might do this by comparing one child to another child, but these comparisons are rarely effective and may actually damage a child's self-esteem and undermine family relationships.

Idenitfying Jealousy

Children sometimes express their feelings of jealousy by tattling, criticizing, or lying. Some may feel jealous and react by boasting.

How to work through jealousy

Sometimes a child is jealous of a new baby in their family. The parents can help with this type of jealousy by taking each child for some one-on-one time. It is also never a good idea to leave a toddler alone with a newborn baby because the toddler might be jealous of the baby and hurt it.

What ages does jealousy start?

It usually happens in a child's second year. A twelve month old doesn't show any jealousy, but by the age of eighteen months jealousy becomes very pronounced. It reaches its peak when a child is about three, and then becomes less intense as outside relationships begin to loosen a child's ties to home and parents.