Element Necessary For LIfe

Cobalt? Wait we need that?


Cobalt is a trace element. A trace elements are a group of metels that include both heavy and transitional elements present in submilligram quanities in the blood.

There is no safe recommended daily allowance for cobalt yet. Most adults wil take in 5 to 8 mcg of cobalt daily. It is used to prevent anemia and is used in the making od red blood cells.

Food Sources and Deficiencies

Cobalt is found in vitamin B12. It is also found in meat, liver, kidney, clams, oysters, and milk. Cobalt is also found in land vegetables, like legumes, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, beet greens, and figs.

Deficiencies from cobalt isn't a concern if you get enough vitamin B12. If a person has a vitamin B12 deficiency some symptoms may be pernicious anemia and nerve damage.

If a person has too much cobalt it can become toxic. Having too much Cobalt may affect the thyroid, cause over production of red blood cells, thickened blood, and increased activity in the bone marrow.

Vitamin Information

Cobalt is not found in a vitamin by itself. It is found in Vitamin B12. It costs 40 cents for a daily supplement.