Terrific Tunas

Garrett Wynne


Swoosh! The huge tuna dashes through the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Did you know that the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is bigger than an eight foot tall man? The tuna is a magnificent creature that has many facts about Diet, Life cycle/ reproduction , and appearance. There is more to tunas then just there great taste.


Did you know that tunnies are the smallest of the tuna at only 10 pounds and an arms length? Tunas appearance, Life cycle/reproduction, and diet are fascinating to learn about. Tunas aren’t just good on a sandwich, but are complex organisms.

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Think Tank

This picture of the tuna shows all the parts a tuna has to survive in the ruthless ocean.
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Chefs Corner: Prawn Cocktails

8 tbsp good mayonnaise, preferably homemade

1 tbsp tomato ketchup

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Tabasco, to taste

2 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp brandy or medium sherry

300g shell-on North Atlantic prawns (about 110g peeled weight), raw if you can find them

100g brown shrimps

3 little gem lettuces

10cm piece of cucumber

1 avocado

2 tbsp lemon juice

Slim bunch of chives, finely chopped

Cayenne pepper, to top

Put the mayonnaise in a bowl and whisk to loosen, then add the other ingredients and taste, adding a little more of any as takes your fancy.

Cook the prawns in a dry frying pan until pink all over, if you're lucky enough to have raw ones, then peel and devein all but four of them. Set the unshelled ones aside and mix the remainder, with the shrimps, into the sauce.

Cut the cucumber in half lengthways, scoop out the seeds, and cut the flesh into small dice. Peel the avocado, dice finely and toss this and the cucumber with the lemon juice and season well. Shred the lettuce fairly finely, and toss together. Divide between four bowls, plates or glasses with a dip in the middle for the prawns to sit in, and so the greens aren't entirely lost below.

Divide the prawns between the dishes and top with chives and cayenne pepper. Garnish with the remaining prawn and serve immediately.

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Go Fish

In the fun activity Go Fish we did many awesome things. In the project I bought an Electric Blue African Cichlid, a red tailed shark, and 3 fancy goldfish. I spent a total of $249.97 dollars just 3 cents before the overall budget of 250 dollars. It was an incredible experience when I was buying fish and spending money on decorations for the fish.
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My diorama is a diorama of a under the sea habitat. It has a variety of different sea creatures that live in a coral reef and some that live in the open ocean.It really shows you what under the ocean looks like
Tuna Cowboys - National Geographic Documentary