Tiger Family Newsletter 11/9-15

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May It Be of Benefit

Hello Families,

Who had a fabulous struggle today? This is the best question we can ask our children.

If you're interested, here's a 10-minute video from Carol Dweck a researcher who studies Growth Mindset. Carol's work reveals that children who have a fixed mindset are afraid to try. They are afraid they will look dumb. Their #1 goal is to look smart at all times and at all costs. In contrast, the #1 goal of children with a Growth Mindset is to learn. Therefore, it's okay not to know something yet.

Finally, consider how our praise affects children. When we praise them for being smart, we harm them. In her study, students who were praised for being smart chose easy work when given a choice and did worse in future challenges. On the other hand, children praised for trying hard (effort) chose more challenging work and did better! So, let's commit to celebrating students' effort. Practice saying, "You worked hard" instead of "You are so clever."

One of the best things we can do with our children is to celebrate their struggles. Telling them we value how they wrestled with problems and experienced learning will benefit them much more than praising them for "being smart". The struggle is real...and it's valuable!

With gratitude,

Mrs. Gold

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Parent Portal

If you still need help setting up your Parent Portal in PowerSchool, here is a link that will guide you through the steps.

If Your Child is on DL

in 4th or 5th grade, you can check the link by the teacher's name below to access their schedule and know when their live meeting(s) are and what to expect for the day.