Speakable Items • Mac OS

Assistive Technology

What are 'Speakable Items'?

  • This tool allows users that are visual impaired, who have mobility or dexterity limitations, or with learning disabilities.
  • It can be found in all Mac OS computers by going to System Preferences > Accessibility > Speakable Items
  • To use Speakable Items you simply turn on the service and hold down one key (default to ESC) and ask "Open Speakable Items Folder". A list of everything you can see will appear.

Some screen shots of the device in action!

In the Classroom

A teacher could allow students to use this assistive technology is many ways. Below are just a few examples of simple ways a teacher can incorporate this technology.
  • Provide student with external microphone/headset combination
  • Student can dictate to the computer to open Internet browser to conduct research
  • Student can dictate to open various applications to complete classwork.
  • Speakable Items can work with the built-in voice capture that allows students to speak responses and the computer types it for them