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September 18, 2020

Fall Spirit Week

This next week we will be celebrating the beginning of fall with optional spirit days. Please don't purchase new items for your child - but use what you have and be creative.

Monday: Sweater Weather Bundle up and wear your favorite fall sweater

Tuesday: Fall into Flannel Find your inner lumberjack and wear your favorite flannel

Wednesday: Red for Ed- Fall edition Wear your burgundies, maroons, and fall-like reds to embrace the new season while still supporting our amazing teachers!

Thursday: Fall Fan Fashion 2..4..6..8.. who do we appreciate?! Represent your favorite fall sports team by wearing any apparel you may have.

Friday: Friday Night Lights Cheer on our favorite home team! Show your Athenian pride by wearing your gold and blue!

Wisdom from the Queen Bee Mrs. Starlin

Last week I mentioned evening routines. One of our favorite bedtime routines is reading before falling asleep. Turning off TV or devices helps the brain to rest. Dr. Massaro's research, who is a professor from U of C that studies language and literacy of children, also shows that reading a book aloud is the best way to help children develop word mastery and the understanding of grammar. Words and grammar help form the basis for learning how to read. Talking to your child helps build their vocabulary, but reading a picture book includes more uncommon words than conversations. I hope you learn to enjoy sharing books together.

Health with Mrs. Harmon

Just a reminder to please send in a pair of spare clothing for your child to keep at school in case of spills or accidents. If you sent clothing in at the beginning of the year, you might want to swap some items as fall and winter approach - for example if you sent in shorts in August, you may want to swap that out for pants. Thank you!

Also, please continue to watch your child for signs of illness as cold and flu season comes near. If you have questions or concerns about whether your child should come to school or not, please contact your child's school nurse.

Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Tucker

A friend gave me wonderful parenting advice when I was pregnant with my oldest. They told me to always remember that "what goes in comes out" especially in matters of the mind. In other words, if I let my children watch violent shows, play violent games, and they hear me talking angrily at home, I shouldn't be surprised when my child displays aggression - because that is what I've been surrounding them with. You can insert any trait there - not just aggression. Fear, lack of self-worth, flirtatious behavior, poor friend skills, and so much more could go in that example. I know this is an oversimplification, but it is also an encouragement. It is encouragement because the opposite is also true. If I teach my child kindness, have them watch shows or play games that model kindness, invite them to participate in serving others, and am kind to them, kindness will often naturally flow out of them - because that is what I've been surrounding them with. Hard work, wise decision making, positive friendships, and other positive traits could be substituted there as well. Children are individuals and not robots, so this isn't 100%, but it helps me when I'm making decisions for my family to consider if this "input," whether it is a game, sports team, friend to invite over, movie, etc. will likely lead to a desired "output" in my child's actions and thinking. So today I encourage you to consider what you are putting in to the young mind(s) in your care and choose wisely.

Building Foundations with Mrs. Reef

Expanding Oral Language and Vocabulary

Books use all sorts of beautiful language to tell stories. Reading to your child exposes them to new vocabulary that they might not otherwise hear. When reading, give a brief explanation of a new or important word. While your child might not be able to automatically recall the definition, they will store that information, which will allow them to make a better connection with that word in the future.

Together, we can help our little ones build a strong foundation!

Mrs. Reef


Second Step Home Links

Lesson 4 - Using Positive Self-Talk

Being able to use positive self-talk (their own voice in their head) to help remember and follow directions helps children be better learners. Children can also use this internal voice to encourage them to keep trying when something is hard. Your child had their fourth Second Step (social and emotional learning program) lesson with their classroom teacher this week. Below you will find the "Home Link," which is the information for parents, about this week's lesson. Choose between kindergarten and first grade, as well as Spanish or English, below. I hope that you enjoy keeping up with what your student is learning. If you have any questions, please contact your child's teacher or the school counselor Mrs. Tucker.
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Car Rider Reminders

Please help us to be safe as we come to and leave school. In the morning, please encourage your child to go directly to the sidewalk. Many students are pausing to adjust a mask or a backpack while still in the driving area. Please remind them to go directly to the sidewalk and they can make any needed adjustments there safely. In the afternoon, please don't pull around other vehicles unless one of our adults directs you to do so. It takes some students a few extra seconds to buckle or climb in over siblings, etc. Thank you for being patient so that we can all get home safely.

Calendar & Announcements

Upcoming Events:

Friday, October 9 - End of the first nine weeks

October 19-23 - NO SCHOOL - Fall Break

Thursday, October 29 - Picture RETAKES and virtual class photos

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