Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of November 13 - November 19

Monday, November 13

GLC Meeting - 7:45 am

Candid Pictures

LPDC Meeting - 4:00 pm

Tuesday, November 14

Breakfast treats provided in the lounge (Mrs. Gleason and Mrs. Pike)

MAPS Meeting - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 15

3rd Grade Real Eyes Presentations

Marcos Pizza Fundraiser

Thursday, November 16


Staff Meeting - 7:30 am

Character Wheel - 9:00 am

Safety Drill - 9:30 am

Principal's Meeting - 1:00 pm (Betsey Out)

Friday, November 17

WEAR MI/osu gear


Thank you:

Staff for your professional conversations and learning during our professional development day!

Cindy, Lisa, Rachel, Brianne, Jamie, Alyssa, Julie and Chris for presenting to your colleagues on professional development day. Your leadership is greatly appreciated!

Staff that donated and/or served at Mosaic Ministries, it was a phenomenal experience for everyone involved! No matter how you were able to help, you made a difference!


Tuesday morning, November 14, the group that prays in school will be providing breakfast treats in the lounge. This group is headed up by Mrs. Gleason (4th grader - Christopher - Mrs. Black) and Mrs. Pike (4th grade twins - Mallory and Leah - Mrs. Warner). Make sure to stop by and grab a treat and drop a note of thanks!

We have a lot of events coming in the next month, please make sure you are keeping up to date through the Google staff calendar. I appreciate you doing your best to keep parents aware of school and MAPS events. The more communication the better!

Please make every attempt to meet with all of your parents during conferences. Continue to send them the Sign up link, if face to face is not going to work then offer a phone conference on one of the conference days.

The week after Thanksgiving break we will be celebrating Laney's birthday. Rather than actual students giving treats, food and toys, we will ask that students bring in 3 quarters. The money will go towards her care and then to ADAI where we got Laney. The funds will go towards the cost of a therapy dog for another school. Also, ADAI will be giving presentations on Monday, Nov. 27 for the students. They will explain training and the process dogs go through to become a therapy dog.

Mrs. Bigelow has shared out schedules for the zoo and Imagination Station. Please double check your assigned time and let her know if there is a conflict.

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

I loved the article below as a reminder that we need to remain positive. Don't take the easy way out of joining the complainers, doing nothing about situations except spreading negativity. We have so many variables out of our control, complaining will not change them. As you talk with parents in a couple of weeks, remain positive, "Be a Carrier."

Be a Carrier - Allison Behne

On my way home from the Keystone Reading Association Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania, my flight was delayed because of fog. When I heard we had a 30-minute delay, my initial response was disappointment mixed with relief that I didn’t have to worry about a connecting flight. However, those around me had feelings that were a bit stronger:

“This is ridiculous! I have places to be!”
“Here we go again . . . The airline couldn’t care less that I have a deadline to make.”
“So this ruins my whole day!”

The attendant and pilot kept us updated every 10 to 15 minutes, added a sincere apology with each announcement, and tended to disgruntled customers in between. The woman next to me started a conversation about how we should go up and demand travel vouchers for the inconvenience. A gentleman in the group very respectfully interjected that he was thankful for the delay. He said he felt fortunate to live in a day and age where they have the technology to know flying conditions and keep passengers safe. He explained, “Do you want them flying with less than a quarter mile visibility? I don’t.”

It was his attitude and courage to speak up that created a ripple effect in the crowd and silenced grumbles.

This made me think of the quote by Tom Stoppard, “A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.” This applies in our daily lives.

Regardless of the role we play—teacher, parent, colleague, leader, or learner—our attitude influences others. Let’s make a concerted effort to use the opportunities to be carriers of kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect, so our ripple effect is a positive one.