KidSport Update

Winter Session: Week 3 & 4

Welcome Back!

We sure missed you during our break!

We hope that everyone had time to visit family and friend over our break.

Week 3 & 4-Recreational Classes

We sure hope that everyone got to spend some time with family and friends over our Winter Break. We know that our coaches appreciated the time to travel home, many who have not been home in months!

Lessons covered in week three and four:

Tots/Tykes &Tykes

- Learning new gymnastics shapes of straddle, straddle hangs and bear crawl on bars, tight body work continued, log and egg rolls on wedges, introduction of forward rolls, straddle jumps on tramp


-review of straddle shape, straddle hangs and swings on bars, tight body and arm circles for vault, forward rolls on wedges, all jumps on tramps

Novice (girls and boys)

-backward rolls and handstands, coupe and releve dance positions, flex arm and candlestick hangs on bars, pullovers with spot on bars, tramp jumps

Intermediate 1

-Backbends and bridge kick overs from a panel mat, , cartwheels on beam and round off dismounts off beam, forward rolls over vault, jumps and review of rolls on floor, etc.

Intermediate 2

-back walkovers on floor, cartwheels on beam and front handspring dismounts on beam, casts and spotted long hang pullovers on bars, front and back handsprings on tramp, etc.

Tramp & Tumble

-handstand and handstand forward rolls, dive rolls and crash dive, forward and backward rolls, etc.

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Big picture

KidSport Classic Meet

Saturday, Jan. 22nd, 8:45am

1570 Homer Road

Winona, MN

KidSport Teams 1 & 2 will be competing at 8:45am

KidSport Teams 3, 4 & 5 will b e competing at 2:45pm

KidSport Classic Meet

Come and see our KidSport teams compete at the Winona Middle School on Jan. 22nd!

Morning Session (KidSport Team 1 & 2)

~Doors open at 8:00am with March-in at 8:45am

Afternoon Session (KidSport Teams 3, 4 & 5)

~Doors open at 2:00pm with March-in at 2:45pm

Congratulations to all Teams on their Jan. 8th Meet!

Our Teams competed in their first Home Meet, KidSport Invitational, on Jan. 8th.

All teams did great!

Team 1 scored 140.75-their highest score of the session

Team 2 scored 123.6-their highest score of the sessions

Team 3 scored 100.1-thier highest score of the session (even with only half the team being able to compete!)

This was the FIRST MEET EVER for Teams 4 and 5!

They had so much fun and did great! Below are some pictures of Team 4 & 5

Coach Spotlight!

Ms. Destinee

Ms. Destinee has been with KidSport for the past 4 years. You may have seen her in many of our classes. Ms. Destinee coaches Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Tramp and Tumble and Team 3! She does all of this while being a member of the Army National Guard, a WSU Cheerleader, working one other job and being a full-time student!

Quick Interview:

1. What is your favorite thing about coaching?

-Meeting new students and seeing old faces come back to do what they love!

2. What is your favorite event to coach?

-I love coaching bars.

3. What is your favorite skill to teach?

-My favorite skills to teach are uprises and straddle cuts (both are bar skills)

4. What are you goin to school for?

-I am going to school for Cyber Security and Criminal Justice.

5. What do you like to do in your free time?

-I like to read and hang out with my dogs in my free time.