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Library Lady Leak v. 7

What goes up, must come down...

We survived the first Paws for Planning! Kudos to my Specials Team who worked all day to keep the students busy and learning so that other teachers could plan some fabulous lessons for our kiddos.

Thank you to the Student Support Team for graciously helping out for half the day as it would be too overwhelming without your assistance.

I want to give a special SHOUT-OUT to Ms. Suchoff who worked with the library staff in providing a STEM lesson on potential and kinetic energy with the outcome being a student-made catapult! It was a challenge for students to get their catapult to work so that they could launch marshmallows and Ping-Pong balls across the library. Lots of fun was had by students and teachers alike.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Nunn who also provided support during this fun and, at times, frenetic activity.

Shout Out to author Amanda Mae Ruiz for coming and reading to some of our Kinder-Second graders. So Big was a hit!

Special moments from this week include:

-students clapping at the end of a good book (I have since heard that it also happens in the science lab!)

-students intake of breath during the reading of Hansel and Gretel as they were really into what was going to happen to the characters

-dancing with the little ones in the library...I do not remember why we were dancing, but we were...and a little cutie was having a conversation with me but he never missed a beat. Too Cute!

-fourth graders excitedly using their knowledge of regions of Texas to locate Native Americans in a Kahoot game

-fifth graders from Mrs. Patterson's class quickly researching American Revolution People, Places, and Events to help complete a Two-Column Notes form, although I think that the reward of Cougar Cash was the inspiration for the energy in the room

It has been another fast and fabulous week in the BCE Library!

Everyone is a reader...some just haven't found their favorite book yet. (Unknown)


I am in the midst of introducing Biblionasium to our third, fourth, and fifth graders. Please watch the videos so that you can learn how to use this tool in the classroom. I will also be adding homeroom teachers to the class so that you can review what students are reading.
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