Open Sewers

The Dumping of Waste

India' Ganges RIver

In India there is river by the name of Ganga an acient river esteemed by inhabitants and Hindus around the world. It is considered the 6th most polluted river in the world. In the Ganges river where millions have bathed, washed their clothes, and worshiped the gods alies human waste, ashes, dead body parts, etc. Lets see how this river affects the local ecosystem
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How This Affects The Population

An analysis in 2006 linked the Ganges to water-borne/enteric disease pop and the use of the river for bathing, laundry, washing, eating, cleaning utensils, and brushing teeth. The Hindus believe that this river is a "holy" river so bathing and cleaning in this river is significant to the faith.

WHat in The Ganges?

Leading water pollution expert B.D. Tripathi of Benares Hindu University described three major Ganges pollution problems: domestic waste, untreated industrial effluent including toxic and heavy metals, and cremation grounds (two in Varanasi alone). While modern pollution is forcing many people to break their ties with the river, Hindu scholar Krishnakant Shukla argued that the Ganges's unique place in Hindu cosmology means the river will remain at the heart of Hindu life - however severe the pressures of modern life may become. Already, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cleanup plan for the Ganges river has come in for criticism from various quarters. The sharpest censure came recently from India’s Supreme Court, which observed that the government’s action plan may not result in a clean Ganges “even after 200 years.”
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