Automatic Test Grader for Google Forms

Grading a Google Form Automatically

First create your Google Form in your Google Drive. The have students take the test, quiz, or survey and save their results. The results are complied in a Google Doc spread sheet. The first screen shot below begins with that answer spreadsheet open. Under the pull down menu called insert Select script, which might be the last choice.

Step Two - Select Flubaroo

After select script, a pop up window appears with a script gallery. search for Flubaroo and install.

New Drop Down Menu

You will see that Flubaroo has created a new pull down menu. Select the grade assignment option.

Finish up and review

Flubaroo creates a new tabbed work book. It contains a summary of the grading. Scores below 65% are typed in Red Font.

You will see what each student achieved on each questions.

Now go forth and practice.

Thank you!

Please address questions or comments to David Lankford at dlankford@ehshouston.org.