Stash N' Dash™

Hidden in Plain Sight

Introducing... The Stash N' Dash™

Everyone knows about safes, that's why that's the first thing burglars go to steal in your home. But they could NEVER find your possessions in plain sight, especially in a Stash N' Dash™. The Stash N' Dash comes with 9 different versions, buy separately or a package deal for $180. The Stash N' Dash™ fits your every need, the bedroom, the office, the living room, the kitchen, the car, outside, and even on the go! Made with the best quality materials, the Stash N' Dash™ is 10 times better than safes. So buy our product it is the best in the world, you can't beat it!

Product 1 - $20.99

This particular Stash N' Dash™ Is meant for outdoor uses, possibly beside your front door or in a garden. The first layer is deep enough for plant roots to properly grow, but still leaves plenty of space to store your belongings in the bottom. In the bottom layer there are little rings for house keys to attach to plus the inside is also weighted and padded so it doesn't fly away or make any noises. The door on the bottom layer is practically unnoticeable with a tiny little hole for the "doorknob" and hinges that blend in perfectly with the pot. The pot itself is made of the same clay as regular pots making this the best place to hide your stuff when you're outside, plus it comes with your own package of flower seeds.

Product 2 - $15.99

This product is meant for your bookshelf, or any place where a book would belong. They are two "books" that are side by side. They open up and reveal a space in between the two books that is perfect for hiding little things like secret notes from a friend or candy, even a phone! They books come in different sizes and colors. They blend in perfectly when put in a bookshelf with random books, perfect for hiding those things you don't want others to know about.

Product 3 - $13.99

Stash N' Dash™ as the name implies, produces things you can stash things in, then leave. But this Stash N' Dash is something you can take with you, a water bottle. The bottle itself looks completely normal, like a real water bottle. Except the top portion holds water, enough to keep you hydrated, while the bottom portion can hold anything that fits in it, from snacks to keys or even an MP3 player. Again like the flower pot the inside is padded so no one can hear your possessions moving around in there. The bottom of this product easily screws out so you can access your belongings with ease.

Product 4 - $59.99

This Stash N' Dash™ pairs with product 2, except this is a bookshelf. The shelf is wider and split into 2 sections, vertically. The front section is the bookshelf which is perfectly functional. Then on the side there is a secret door that opens and reveals a hidden area behind the bookshelf. There are also smaller shelves in the hidden area, which can fit things like trophies, jewelry, it's a great place for hide and seek too! The bookshelf comes in any solid color or finish of your choice, but it does not come with any books.

Product 5 - $24.99

This product can go anywhere, as long as there are windows. It is essentially a pouch that attaches it to the top of at window acting as trim. This product comes in 15 different styles, solid colors, chevron, ombré, waves, stripes, and polka dots, plus a festive version (only available during winter). You can even order a custom one at our website for an additional $13.99. The material the pouch is made of is super strong and can help up to 75 pounds of weight. The pouch is zipped shut with a zipper that is unnoticeable. This stylish Stash N' Dash is perfect for hiding Christmas presents, or little things like Easter eggs. It is child-proof and can be hung at varying heights, perfect for different occasions.

Product 6 - $8.99

This Stash N' Dash™ is a car version, you place it in a cup holder and it clicks in just above the bottom, there you can stash the little things, like keys, money, receipts. In making this product we used a technology that kept the cup to stay in, but still allowed the bottom to be pulled out to access the secret compartment, plus gives the outside a natural look.

Product 7 - $10.99

This product is meant to go in your fridge as a decoy of a condiment container, we have containers for mustard, mayo, ketchup, relish, peanut butter, jam, even pickles. All of which look like the real thing. In the top there is a container that snaps into the actual jar, it is filled with a faux condiment that also looks like the real thing. In the bottom you can put things like money in it, or anything that is secret, but it might need to be refrigerated depending on the product.

Product 8 - $6.99

Snappy pencils, pencils that can snap in half and fold together. Well we have collaborated with Snappy Pencil, to bring you a special edition Snap N' Stash. It is a largely sized Snappy Pencil. The front half works as a regular pencil, while the back half is a compartment for things like erasers, or pencil sharpeners to go. You also get and eraser with the words "stash me" on the front.

Product 9 - $49.99

A Stash N' Dash™ you can wear! This is a shoe in which the sole unzips and folds out, revealing a compartment to hold things like money, and little trinkets you find that you don't want to carry. The sole won't collapse on itself and uses as much space as possible for storage. The shoe itself supports your feet and is stylish, the bottom also don't slide around giving you more traction There are 5 different shoes you can choose from all of which have the same features and are intended for both genders.

Stash N' Dash

The Stash N' Dash™ Is a big hit! 10/10 people say that they love using their Stash N' Dash! Athletes of all kind say that they love the Stash N' Dash™, for a convenient place to stash their medals, trophies, and rings! Most everyone recommends that you buy the pack of all nine! Then you have all of them and you get a great deal! This product was brought to you by Katie Thorne and Sarah Gao. The Snap N' Stash Pencil was brought to you by the people of Stash N' Dash™ and the creators of Snappy Pencil. Be sure to check out their website at and look out for their infomercial when you watch TV!