Reading & Writing ✍



Reading and writing are vital skills to life. Both will be around until human life is extinct. We use reading and writing constantly in our everyday activities: education, jobs, and social lives. The higher education someone has, the higher chance they will be employed. New discoveries, entertainment, and education are examples of the activities that can be accomplished by reading and writing. As we grow older, the talent of reading and writing grows stronger. We learn something new everyday.


Having reading and writing skills opens up a window of opportunities. Building up reading and writing skills can improve speaking skills. Acquiring more information will make an individual sound more credible during discussion. Reading and writing are used in a variety of ways, not just in English class. With little to no knowledge, laborious writing styles will be shown as well as the inability to read.

Why Reading and Writing is Important

As much as a majority of our society hates reading, we use it in our everyday lives. Reading is essential in a variety of ways: reading road signs, instructions on a medicine bottle, applying for jobs, etc. Knowing how to read is a must when searching for a well-paying job."The study also linked poor reading skills to lower rates of employment and lower income levels" (The Future of Reading). Without the ability to read, there is a higher chance that one will not be hired. Daily activities are limited without the capability to read. Reading helps our mind grow stronger and develop."Reading is important because it develops the mind. The mind is a muscle. It needs exercise" (Davis). This is why people should be taught how to read at a younger age. Reading is fundamental and will be something people carry with them for their lifetime.

Reading and writing are linked together; reading is what makes someones writing superior. When you read a novel, you pick out a handful of words you don't know. With the power of the internet, there is easy access to the definition. Also, using context clues and what you know already can piece together a words meaning. Therefore, reading helps with expanding on vocabulary and helps spice up an essay. There are two types of writing systems: limited and full. Limited writing systems help individuals memorize anything simple, like an account. Limited systems of writing can also contain imagery. "Also called subwritting, limited systems of writing include picture writing (or pictography), ideograpghy, and the use of marked or unmarked objects as mnemonic devices" (Writing). Full systems of writing includes the ability to convey any concept in the language. "A full writing system is capable of expressing any concept that can be formulated in language" (Writing). Writing can make a person sound more credible in their paper and helps our imagination expand.


Everyone should practice reading and writing at a young age. The more constant the skills are being used, the more improved they will become. Some tools used to help an individual with reading include: magazines, books, menus, internet, and much more. No matter what age, it is not to late to start practicing reading and writing. They help our imagination become more creative. Reading and writing skills are like human beings, they grow and become stronger.

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