Christmas Light Webquest

By: Rowdy Jacobsen

Testable Question

How does the circuit patterns effect the brightness and strength in Christmas light signals to one to the other?

Independent Variable and Dependent Variable

The Independent variable are the Christmas lights circuit pattern.

The dependent variable is the Christmas lights brightness.


If the Christmas lights are arranged in a parallel circuit when a bulb burst the other bulbs continue to light up.

Screenshot 1

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The parallel circuit creates more light and is more efficient.

Screenshot 2

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When one bulb was removed the entire circuit was uneffected.

Hypothesis 2

If the Christmas lights are arranged in a series circuit then when a bulb burst the other bulbs turn off completely.

Screenshot 3

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The circuit produces less energy than a parallel circuit.
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removing one bulb turned the entire circuit off.

Data Table

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A parallel circuit is the best series to use for Christmas lights because the parallel circuit produces more light than a series circuit and if a light burns out then the parallel circuit wont burn out but a series circuit would turn of completely.