Lineville Technology

By: Madeline Maus

Typing Web

In the mornings we type for five minutes. Typing Web try's to help us not to look down on are key bored and to just know were the keys are. I can see how I'm getting better with my typing and getting faster.
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For this unit we did a movie, about favorite something like you could of done it on your dog, Christmas, Family, Friends, like all that stuff. That was my favorite unit, because you could show your classmates your family, Dogs, and other stuff like that.

Haiku Deck

For Haiku Deck you had to do what job you want to be when you grow up. You had to give facts about your job and what you liked about it. We had a lot of cool ones. I liked about it is that you can decorate your own slides with it.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a app that you can record your self, put pictures on it, write on it, and a whole different kinds of stuff. For the Explain Everything unit you had to pick a math problem that your teacher puts on the bored and pretend that you are the teacher and record your self doing the problem.

Career Locker

This one is like Haiku Deck. Career Locker is a app that your councilor dose with you. You go and pick these different games and try and answer the questions. Also you can decorate your own person as you go on with the games and questions to unlock more cool stuff!


Coding is a game that you try and unlock stuff. There is this little person that starts at the start and you have to get him though the maze and try to get him to the finish to unlock prizes. When you get farther in the game you get to draw. They give you these boxes with saying like "go 100 feet." and more stuff like that. So what you are trying to do is try and make that design that they give you.