The Texas Giants

by: Meaghan McInnis and Katy Murphy

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6 Facts About the Karankawa

1. The Karankawa lived in the Gulf Costal region.

2. The Karankawa were hunters and gatherers.

3. The Karankawa ate fish, shellfish, wild rice, roots, and alligators.

4. The Karankawa were usually 6 feet tall and dressed in loin cloths in warm weather and they wore shawls made out of Spanish Moss in cold weather. They also had cane piercings on their chin and chest.

5. The Karankawa used alligator grease as bug repellant.

6. The Karankawa had special dance ceremonies.

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Comparing and Contrasting Different Tribes

The Karankawa Indians were nomadic unlike the Jumano, Caddo, and like the Comanche, Apache, and Coahuiltecan. The Karankawa hunted and gathered food, and useful items they find. They adapted by turning their resources into tools, like many other tribes. They did not travel in tribes, but traveled alone coming together only for special occasions. Other nomadic tribes also traveled alone copying the Karankawa. They ate similar food as the Karankawa only their main food source was the buffalo instead of seafood.