Monticello Middle School

December Update

December 18, 2018

Principal's Notes


We are just past the mid-point of the second quarter. All teachers have their grade books updated. Please log into your Campus Parent Portal to see your child's progress.

If you have any questions about your child's progress or status in class, please do not hesitate to contact their teacher.

Dec. 24 - Jan. 1

Winter Break - No School - Office's are closed during this time.

School Resumes Jan. 2nd.


Student Center Resources

You may have noticed a new list of contact numbers on our Middle School web page. Given the importance of an immediate response, we have listed these resources for families, students, and staff who may need assistance in times of crisis. Mental health concerns can affect all families, and it can be overwhelming to know how to help someone when a crisis occurs. We do notice an increase in mental health issues this time of year, so please utilize the many excellent resources we have available in our community when needed. You are also welcome to contact any of us in the MMS Student Center if you are looking for specific resources or support here at school. Please know there is support available for those who need it. Check out the resources available through the Middle School Student Center web page.

Annette Bieniek & Sarah Welk, school social workers, and Therese Olson, school counselor


Call 911-Emergency (suicide attempt)

Go to the Hospital Emergency Room (suicide threat or specific plan)

Call Four County Crisis Response Team: 800-635-8008 or 320-253-5555 (will assist and provide resources or come to home if needed)