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Erin Hunter

How did Warriors where created.

The series stated in 2003 when they requested Holmes to write a book on feral cats. After creating one storyline Holmes brought in Kate Cary to finish writing the book as Holmes went behind the scenes to edit and supervise the details. Holmes has compared to the style of the book to a different language as the books are written. She feels that Erin Hunter must have a consistent voice the entire series. The story uses a lexicon with words such as "twoleg" substituted for "human". The style has been compared to the Harry Potter series. Themes include family, loyalty, death, courage, and survival. Into the Wild was critically well received. Booklist believed the book would appeal to followers of Brian Jacques' Redwall series. Among other awards, it claimed third place in the 2006 Young Reader's Choice Award.
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Book Description

Fire alone can save our Clan...

In this book is that the are four warrior clans and there are evil roming throw2 there own clans. Thunder Clan is in danger the most and their evil in there clan, but there is three good cats that will stop there clan not go into hell and find the cat how is hurting the clan. There are storeis+
right behind these three cats and their clan will find out what is their stories, but one of them will play a big part of this story.

All About the people who are Erin Hunter

Victoria Holmes

Holmes was the original author of the series with HarperCollins requesting her to write the series. After inviting Kate Cary to do the actual writing of the book, she moved behind the scenes to help edit and supervise the details.

Holmes grew up on a farm in England. She was born on the July 7, 1974, and learned how to ride horses at two. Later she attended Oxford University. There, the buildings "inspired an interest in history". She now lives in London where she works as the editor for the series.

On April 5, 2011, Bookperk, a site that offers special deals on books, ran a special for signed copies of Warriors: Omen of the Stars #4: Sign of the Moon. Because Erin Hunter is not an actual person, these books were signed by Victoria Holmes on behalf of the created person.

Kate Cary

Kate was the second author brought on board to write for the series. Holmes chose Cary to write the first book after Holmes had finished one storyline. In the first series she wrote Into the Wild, Fire and Ice and Rising Storm. In the second series (The New Prophecy) she only wrote Dawn, the third book. In the third series (Power Of Three) she wrote The Sight, Dark River and Eclipse. In the most recent series (Omen of The Stars) she wrote Fading Echoes and The Last Hope.

She was born in England on November 4, 1967. She later moved to Scotland where she lived for 12 years before going back to England where she currently resides. Besides the Warriors series she has also written the books Bloodline and the sequel Reckoning.

Cherith Baldry

Cherith was the third author brought in to the Erin Hunter team. Holmes invited her to join on the third book, Forest of Secrets after seeing her writing style feeling that it was similar to Kate Cary's. She wrote the rest of the books that Kate Cary did not write. Since there were only 12 books of Cary's.

Tui Sutherland

Sutherland was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but now lives in the United States which makes her the only non-British author of the series. She now lives in Boston and first wrote the field guide Secrets of the Clans. Sutherland was an editor of the Warriors series for HarperCollins until she quit editing to become a full-time writer. Victoria Holmes approached her and asked if she would like to become a writer for the Erin Hunter team, and Sutherland accepted.

Gillian Philip

Philip is the author of The Empty City, the first book in the Survivors series. She lives in the northeast Scottish Highlands with her husband, two children, three dogs, two cats, and hamster.

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Plot Teaser

Fire Alone Can Save Our Clan... For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors. But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying - and some deaths are more mysterious than others. In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty... who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.
Halo - Haley James Scott

Main Characters

Rusty aka Firepaw
As a young kittypet named Rusty, he has been having strange dreams of himself hunting in the forest, though he would always wake up after he failed. Rusty has shown to have great interest in the forest, having inherited it from his adventurous father, he has a friend named Smudge, who is strongly against Rusty's idea of exploring the forest, claiming it is full of danger. Rusty ventures into the forest, and is attacked by a forest cat. He confronts the young warrior cat instead of running away like most kittypets would. That impresses the ThunderClan cats, then the leader of the ThunderClan and an older warrior, who watch from the bushes. The young warrior is curious at why Rusty is away from his Twoleg nest. He tells Rusty a few things about the Clan he lives in, called ThunderClan. Rusty, in turn, is asking questions about Clan life. As they question each other, The young warrior senses some cats from ThunderClan approaching and tells him to hide. Rusty wonders how the young warrior can scent them, though not saying it out loud. the leader and the older warrior appear from their hiding place, and the leader reveals that they had been watching the two young cats. She invites Rusty to join ThunderClan and the young warrior is startled, saying that kittypets couldn't become warriors, because they didn't have warrior blood. The older warrior voices the young warrior's thoughts differently, saying that kittypets were too soft for Clan life, deeply offending Rusty, because he himself knows differently. Rusty says that he will think about the leader's offer, and she gives him until sun-high the next day to decide, when the older warrior would be there. During that time he spends his last day with Smudge, and a couple of other friends. When he is seen by the older warrior and another cat, he chooses to join the Clan, and they take him to his new home.

On Graypaw's first night out as an apprentice, he meets a kittypet, a flame-colored kittypet. the kittypet strayed out of the Twolegsplaces, which led him into getting into a small fight with Graypaw. Then, Graypaw tells him he fought a good fight, for a kittypet, and proceeds to tell him about the Clans. He then scents cats from his Clan and tells the kittypet to go away. The kittypet didn't take to the warning in time and the leader and the older warrior find the two, making Graypaw crouch under their presences. He is then pleased with the leader's praise as she tells them that they've been watching them and is glad to see how he reacted toward an intruder. The leader asks the kittypet to join the Clan, but the kittypet says he wishes to give it some thought. The next day, when the kitty arrives at ThunderClan camp after deciding to accept the leader's offer, Graypaw watches him fight another warrior cat. He congratulates him on his victory along with some other cats of ThunderClan.

Ravenpaw is one of the ThunderClan cats that battle against another clan at Sunningrocks. He is the cat to run back to the ThunderClan camp, despite having been badly injured in the battle, and he announces that a cat that he know is dead. An unknown she-cat, later known to be the queen, runs to him and says that he must see help, the medicine cat. He faints shortly afterwards, and medicine cat treats him. She concludes that his shoulder is badly injured, and he stays in medicine cat's den for a few days.