RMS Weekly Update


Attendance Line 586-281-1550

If your student will be absent, you will need to call the attendance line to verify their absence. Students will need to be verified even if they are remote learning. If your student is scheduled to be in person but will be attending remotely, please call the attendance line to verify that they will not be in the building.

The following attendance codes will be used:

  • No Code/Blank (means present)

  • VER (verified)

  • UNV (unverified)

In-Person Students: If your child is not in the building, he or she will be marked UNV even if the student is online. In order to change that code to VER, a parent or guardian will need to notify the office that the student is not reporting.

Remote Students: Remote students will be marked unverified if they are not in the Google Meet. Please contact the office in order to verify your student’s absence.

Cell Phone Policy

Please be reminded of our school policy for cell phone usage. Cell phones are to be turned off and out of sight during the school day. If you need to contact your student during the school day, please call the office. Students may use cell phones before entering and after school. If your student is not feeling well or needs to call home for any reason, they need to come to the office and we have a student phone available for them. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please feel free to call Steve Ameel or Katelyn Ebert, Assistant Principals, at 586-752-0240.
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M-STEP Testing

8th grade students will take the M-STEP next week. 8th graders will take the following tests:

4/20 & 4/21 - Science (during their science class)

4/22 & 4/23 - Social Studies (in their American History class)

6th and 7th grade students will take the M-STEP the week of 5/3. 6th and 7th grade students are tested in ELA and Math.

Information regarding M-STEP testing for Cohort C will be communicated by the counseling department.

Dress Code

Spring weather is finally here, and the temperatures are on the rise. As a reminder, please make sure that your student is dressed appropriately for our learning environment.

General guidelines include:

-Appropriate length shorts, skirts, and dresses

-Overlapping tops and bottoms

-Undergarments covered (refrain from wearing spaghetti straps and muscle shirts)

If you have any questions regarding the dress code, please refer to a building administrator.

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