Panther News

Nov. 27- Dec. 1

Panther News

  • Just a reminder district policy states that academic practice (daily work) is not eligible for retakes
  • late work will not be accepted after 5 days (penalties apply to late work)

Panther Science (McDermott)

  • Finish Cars Movie
  • Textbook 220-233 (pages due Fri. 227, 230, 233)


  • Super Worms Lab


  • Finish Super Worms Lab
  • Work Day (vocabulary practice, textbook completion)


  • Hot Wheel Tracks Lab


Panther Science (Edrington)

Panther Social Studies (Hardcastle)

Monday: Finish Portfolio

Tuesday: Portfolio due; Market day shopping Wolverines

Wednesday: America; Physical Geography

Thursday: History and Culture

Friday:America Today

Thank you parents for everyone that came out to support our students for Market Day on November 17th!! The kids were sooo excited and worked so hard for this day. Thank YOU I really appreciate it!!

Panther Math

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Panther ELA (Francis)

Monday - Library Day

Tuesday - Work on Final Copy of Fiction Paper

Wednesday - Finish Final Copy of Fiction Paper

Thursday - Publishing Party

Friday - Introduce NF Unit