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January 29, 2016

At a Glance

Monday is the 100th day of school! It is a BIG celebration for our kindergarten students. We will do many activities to have fun practicing our skills of counting to 100 in French and in English. We will rotate through all the kindergarten rooms and do 10 different activities 10 times each. We will count our 100 objects in the French room. Practice counting to 100 in French with your child at home this weekend!

100th Day of School is Monday!

We will be celebrating the 100th Day of School on Monday, February 1st.

  • Have your child count 100 en français of the same item to bring to school. The 100 items need to be small enough to fit in a sandwich size plastic bag, labeled with their name.
  • Examples include: Pennies, Cheerios, beads, and buttons. We will be using 1 inch X 1 inch square counting boards.
  • Be creative and have fun counting! This is a big part of our lesson on Monday and your child's homework, so please make sure they have it by Monday, if you have not already sent theirs in already.
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Jan Brett Author/ Illustrator Study

Did you know?

  1. Jan Brett owns a hedgehog she likes to include in most of her stories. She wrote The Hat after finding her own hedgehog caught in a sock after exploring one night.
  2. She wrote The Three Snow Bears, where an Eskimo girl enters an igloo. It sounds similar to another story we love.
  3. The Umbrella takes place in the rainforest and animals gather in a puddle of water in a leaf.
To learn more, visit her website:
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The NAO Robot Visit

The Lexington Technology Center's NAO robot visited us today for an assembly. The presenter told us how students code or tell the robot what to do. He danced, played games with us, and played Star Wars clips. Ask your child what was their favorite part. In crew, we practiced "J'aimais the plus"... "I liked the best"... It was a fun morning! Merci to STEAM teacher, Mrs. Fogle, for arranging this visit!
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Pratiquez en français!

To help your child practice counting to 100 in French for the BIG day, here are the numbers 10-100 and some video links:

dix (10)

vingt (20)

trente (30)

quarante (40)

cinquante (50)

soixante (60)

soixante-dix (70) (60 +10)

quatre-vingts (80) (4 x 20s)

quatre-vingt-dix (90) (4 x 20 + 10)

cent (100)


Counting by 10s: http://www. v=e8FYwfesR54 Counting 1-100: watch?v=0ix_hvp5DI0

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

We will send home a list of student names next week. Have your child write their classmates’ names and sign each card. As a courtesy, please make sure your child has a Valentine/friendship card for every student in his/her class.

Each child needs a “mailbox” to collect their delivered Valentine’s cards. Please help your child decorate a shoebox. Cut a mail slot (large hole) on the top and label the box by the slot with their name. Bring it to school by Tuesday, February 9th.

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