IPads in the Classroom

So what do you do now?

Today's Warm Up - Type the web address that is written on the white board into your browser to respond to the question on padlet.

What can you do with an Ipad?

Using the ipad within the classroom environment:

It can be hard to think about the iPads beyond watching videos, listening to music and playing games. However, iPads can be used for educational purposes. It is important to note that iPads are NOT computers though. They can not do everything a computer can do but they are devices that will allow your students to be innovative, creative in a flexible and differentiated learning environment.

Students can use their iPads for planned activities in class and on demand for those unplanned “teachable moments” that happen within a classroom. Students can use the iPads by incorporating the camera, video, annotating and interactive white board apps to create visuals and interactive feedback about specific objectives or skills that are being taught in class. The students tend to be more engaged when they are in charge of creating and collaborating about their learning.

Classroom Management Plan - The key to a successful classroom environment.

Set your expectation clearly and immediately. Each class will use the Ipad differently so you must let the kids know how you will use it in your class. Here are some suggestions:

1. Monitoring the Students: Let students know that you will be monitoring what they are doing on their iPads. Tell them you will have random checks throughout the day. Teach the kids the phrase "flip the screen" so they will know to flip their iPad screen to the front of the room for you to see.

You can walk around and check their multi-tasking bar to see what apps or websites they have been on during your class. Get them in the habit of clearing their multi-tasking bar when entering your room to make it harder for them to switch back and forth from games and the activities you are working on in class that day.

Require them to place their iPads flat on their desk so it will be easier for you to see what they are doing in class on the iPad as you walk around the room. When students place it on a stand, it is hard for you to see what they are working on unless you are siting next to them.

When you have completed an activity that required the use of the iPad, have the kids place the iPads face down. You can also teach them a key phrase like "eyes on me, iPads face down" as a signal for them to put it down when it is time to move on in the lesson without the assistance of the iPad.

2. Class Procedures: Set up a class procedure on what students do with their iPads when they are not using them in class that day. There will be days that you don't need the iPad at all. To keep it from being a distraction, have a set place for your students to keep them. It might be under their desks or stacked in the middle of the table. Be sure to teach them to turn it face down so they can't see the screen either.

3. Independent Work Time: Decide if you are going to allow students to use their iPad when they are working independently or finish an assignment early. Are you going let them listen to music during independent work time? Are you going to let them play games or work on homework from another class when they finish your assignment?

Pictures and Videos: Students love to take pictures (selfies) and videos. Think ahead of time what your response is going to be to this activity. Some videos and pictures are necessary to complete assignments or projects. Be sure to let the students know up front about your policy on taking pictures and videos.

5. Student Helpers: Technology requires us to be constant learners and adaptable to change. We as adults, don't always pick up on the newest technology as quick as the students. It is okay to have the students help you. They love it and it gives them some feeling of ownership in their learning.

Noise level might be louder: The more collaborative a classroom becomes the more noise you can expect. Engaged learning can involve students discussing questions, solving problems and how they will create an end product to demonstrate their learning. This involves some level of increased noise within the classroom. This would be "good noise" that you want to hear from your students.

7. Consequences: Decide ahead of time what the consequences will be of breaking your rules in using the iPad in class. Make sure these rules and consequences are communicated clearly to the students and consistently enforced within your classroom.

Now that we have set our classroom expectations, let's have fun!!!

Below is a list of apps that many of the students used last year in 7th grade. We will briefly go over these apps and then we will turn you loose to explore these apps!

  • Nearpod app
  • Flash card Websites and Apps: Study Blue and Quizlet
  • Assessment Apps and Websites: Lino app, Padlet website, Socrative App and Kahoot! website, Zondle app
  • Map Activities: Google Earth app
  • Collaboration sites: Educreation and Show Me apps, Edmodo app, Google docs
  • Poster and Drawing Apps: Skitch App, Pic Collage App, Glogster.edu website
  • Historical Information Apps and Websites: BrainPop, Lonestar Junction, History.com and the Smithsonian app
  • Video and Photo Apps: Imovie, iPhoto and Video Editor app, Screen Chomp app
  • Note-taking apps: Evernote, Notability, Goodnotes, Penultimate
  • Presentation sites: Smore website, Animoto website, Prezi App, Tellagami App, Haiku Deck App, Thinglink App, Flowboard App, Doceri App, Book Creator app, and Explain Everything app
  • Planner Apps: Myhomework planner app or Planner plus app
  • Audio Memos free version app for voice recordings
  • Remind App (formally Remind 101)
  • QR reader app
  • Apps Gone Free
  • Timeliner app
  • Skyward app

Several students have volunteered to come and help you explore these apps and share with you how they utilized these apps in class last year. The 2nd half of this session will be spent with you and the students working on exploring and sharing information about the iPads.