The college newsletter for all students

December 2015

A note from the Principal

May I thank you all for giving us your feedback and your views through various ways that are available to you and by doing so helping us to improve the environment of our College.

There is a lot going on at the College after our restructure and I hope that you already can benefit from the new services that are available to you. The College's first Enrichment day is looming and we hope that you all have a fantastic time during this event and I look forward to hearing your views on how we can improve.

My thanks goes to Chris Gavey your representative on the College Board of Governors for his input in some key strategic issues we are grappling with. If you have any ideas or comments about how to make your College a better one share your views by emailing future@gcfe.net.

I wish you every success in your studies and hope to hear from you soon.


A note from Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services

Welcome to our first edition of ENRICH newsletter. Enrich will be a regular feature and aims to celebrate our learners, highlight events and activities and keep you informed of what is happening at Your College.

The College has become a vibrant and rewarding place to study and work and that is due to the approach and presence of all our learners.

The Inspection that the College will be involved in next week will see a team from Education Scotland joining us to validate the report we previously submitted that evaluated our service and provision. Several learners have been asked to meet with the Inspector team to represent the views of the wider student body. Further information is provided for you below.

There are a number of cross college initiatives and activities to tell you about and if you have any questions regarding them, or if you feel there is support that you need to help you access your studies or deal with the challenges you are facing then you can contact the Learner Support Service using the email support@gcfe.net.

I look forward to developing Your College further and welcome feedback from you to sculpt and progress the learner experience.

Have a well-earned and restful time over the Christmas and New Year period. Stay safe and come back refreshed and eager to learn.

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Jeff Stuart: Head of Learner Support Services


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ENRICHMENT DAY - Friday 11th December (full time learners only)

Thanks to everyone that has signed up for their activities. We will be confirming all of your choices and details on Monday 7 December. We are working hard to deliver first choice activities to everyone but we will contact learners individually if any changes are needed.

It is set to be a really engaging and positive day so embrace the opportunity for some extended learning outside of your vocational area of study.


Drop in sessions for you to get help with any aspect of your work. Staffed by the Learning Support team to help direct you towards success in your course.

3.30pm-5pm in the library

Les Ozouets on Tuesdays

Coutanchez on Wednesdays

Delancey on Thursdays


Many of your parents will have completed a Parental Survey and we really value their feedback in developing the experience at the College. If your parent’s have not completed the form yet please can you ask them to complete as soon as is possible using the link below.



Your tutor will have discussed the Learner Voice process with you over the last few days and hopefully you have had a chance to complete the survey. The Learner Voice process is to enable us to shape and develop the College experience for you as a learner. There will be feedback provided to you so you will be clear on the outcomes of your comments.

Please provide as much information as you feel you need to in order to get your views across.


If you are a year 2 learner on a full time course you may have begun the process of applying to University or a Higher Ed course. The plan is to send all applications to UCAS before Christmas so if you would like support with the application itself then please contact me using support@gcfe.net or if the help is specific to your personal statement then contact phile@gcfe.net.


Reps have been put forward and a meeting is planned for Wednesday 9th December. Reps will be contacted directly with information and guidance.

The student reps will be used to bring information back to their specific groups and also represent the views of their group in meetings and forums.


There will be some developments in the reception areas of each campus in the New Year. A student focussed area will be created to provide a centralised base from which support sessions, charity focusses, information advice & guidance, retail activity and drop in sessions for external partners.

The areas will be known as #CONNECT and provide all learners with a point of contact where they can engage with the Learner Support Services team and our external partners.

Details of schedules, activities and events will be publicised in the New Year.

Creative Writing Competitions

This month saw the first of five new creative writing competitions, sponsored by AO Hall. This is the competition’s second year after the success of the inaugural competition and the publication of our 2015 anthology, which can be picked up for free on all three of our campuses.

The challenge for the first competition was to produce a short story in just 101 Words (a one word title and one hundred word text). A tough challenge which many students from across college rose to, making the judge’s decision incredibly difficult.

The winner of the Access and Level 1 category was Vienna Bostrom-De La Mare with her piece, entitled Shelter. This was a first person narrative about a tortoise and the value of having a home on your back in times of difficulty. The Level 2 winner was Zac Rault with his evocative piece about the struggle between fisherman and fish called Dance. Marie Vohmann’s Beginnings was the winner of the Level 3 and above category with her description of the pain and pleasure of birth. All three fought off strong competition to win an 8gb, 7” Kindle Fire and, as a seasonal bonus, two chocolate advent calendars.

Well done to all three and good luck to all of you who take part in the next competition in January. This one is our most fiendish: the Paradelle. Look out for information, instruction and guidance coming to your email inbox and student Smart Screens in the New Year!

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I slowly stroll around over the soft ground. My legs sink in but I don’t mind because I love the garden. I love the feel of the green grass on my bare feet and how it brushes against my crinkly legs. As I look up the sky turns grey and gloomy so I crawl under a bush, pushing aside the brambles, twigs and leaves that are in my way. Heavy raindrops fall like darts from the sky. I pull myself into a plant pot, seeking shelter. Although, it doesn’t really matter because a tortoise carries its shelter on its back.

By Vienna Bostrom-De La Mare


I sit alone in the dark. I cast out, feeling the cold embrace of the wind, waiting for my dance partner. I feel a slight tug. Suddenly the dance has begun. I pray I can land a perfect score. I feel the tension. My partner is strong. The cold wind sapping every ounce of strength I can muster, I fear I cannot continue. I arch my back, straining against the harsh unforgiving wind. My partner thrashes about. I feel she is finally tiring. With a final tug I pull her from the sea. I have won. The dance is over.

By Zachary Tyler Rault


I don’t like the look of the gowned one. That mask is so disconcerting. Helpless, I let out what I hope is a silent scream. I scan the room. It’s clear by the faces staring down at me that I was loud and clear. I blaspheme again, but offer no apology. I push – well, I believe they’re yelling that. I think I’ll leave now; pain is quite overrated. Oh god, this event needs cancelling.

“Almost,” I hear them yell.

The most beautiful creation lay in my arms, a pink one. Blessed, immersed in a blanket of tranquillity, pain disengaged.

By Marie Vohmann


For staff and students.

Come and join in with this circuit training session, suitable for all abilities.

A combination of exercises throughout the session with the aim of getting fit, losing weight, gaining strength and most importantly boosting your mood!

At Delancey on Wednesday mornings from 9am-10am.

Any queries please contact Matt (matts@gcfe.net).


Free food and drink!

The Progress Coach and Learning Support Team are providing an excellent chance for you to grab breakfast and have the opportunity to chat.


Tuesdays at Coutanchez

Thursdays at Delancey

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  • The last day of term will provide the opportunity for putting on your finest Xmas jumper. Whether you rock a modern classic or the big knit monster your Grandma made you then wear it with pride. We will be supporting a charity by wearing the jumpers and details will be sent out next week.

    The Carol Service will take place at 1.30pm at Les Ozouets campus and is an opportunity for us all to get together for a final time before the holiday season starts.

    The service will finish for 3pm and at that point you are free to leave to enjoy the festive season.

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    When you return in January we will be running a new initiative in the refectory on each campus to promote and develop our food awareness. There will be activities and events based in each of the refectories and the menu choices will be developed to focus on healthy nutritious provision. You’ll be able to enjoy a free breakfast each day, incentive and reward schemes and be involved in raising awareness about our food choices.

    We are working with our catering providers to develop the menu and options for the week and the Learner Support Services team will be running focussed activities, games and events based in the refectory throughout the course of the first 5 days of the College Calendar in 2016.

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas