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Perseverance means to push yourself to achieve an important goal. and to keep going even when it gets tough

Winston Churchill the inspiring!!

Winston Churchill is a very famous man and was a very inspiring historical figure. He was born in 1874 in Great Britain. His childhood wasn’t the best because he didn’t get to know his parents, but he had his nanny who was like his mother to him.

Throughout his life he has shown perseverance, determination and was very inspiring to everyone. For example in Great Britain during World War I, he was blamed for failed missions for helping captured soldiers but he then preserved through and made better choices. He also was eventually was kicked out of politics and that was his darkest time. during the year of 1915 he was in deep depression and was devastated from being forced out of politics but he came back into politics two years later. However, he is best known for his speech called Never Give In, Never, Never, Never at Harrow School in 1941.

During this time people were amazed at how when he came back into politics he was even better than he was before he was kicked out of politics which showed them all that he was determined to make it in politics and people respected him for that.

Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in,”

From this quote, we know that he didn’t give up or give in and he doesn’t want anyone else to do that so that people can do what he did while he preserved to get his job back. In conclusion Winston Churchill helped his country through their darkest times

Losing to Win is the best way to win!

Losing to Win

In the video Losing to Win the lady jags the basketball team were faced with alot of adversities to overcome. Although the girls were on a 218 losing streak, the coaches used the losing streak to teach the girls that they can persevere.

Throughout all the girl’s lives they have had a lot of adversities including parents not being there, being abused, abusing drugs them and their parents. At first being on the basketball team didn’t help them it just made them feel even worse about themselves, they didn’t trust each other because every time they had trusted someone it had just hurt them even more. For their whole lives they have been facing all these problems and not many of them do get to go back to their normal school because people don’t like to be near them because of the adversities they have faced.The answer to solving all their problems was to get them onto the basketball team to help them trust each other and to help them just get away from all the hard times that they have had to faced throughout their lives. It helped show them that anyone can become family if you just trust them. It made them notice that other people have problems and they are not alone.

In conclusion going to Carroll Academy was very helpful to them and it made them make the good choices that helped them persevere through all the hardships in life.

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Jackie Robinson the Most Popular Baseball Player

Jackie Robinson was a very famous baseball player in 1947, he gave a lot resilience to become the famous baseball player he is today. because of the things that people did to the African American’s is the reason why Jackie Robinson and people like Rosa Parks are famous. The question is why did people not like African Americans? was it because they looked different, or because they just wanted someone to be in the lower class so they could be better than them, but they didn’t realize that when they put themselves above African Americans that only actually helped the African Americans even more in the long run and showed perseverance and tenacity which means the will to go on which all African Americans had to have to help them persevere.

Since Branch Rickey has taken a chance on Jackie Robinson all African Americans got more hope that Americans could and will choose them to help lead something bigger that Americans cannot because of the hole that the Americans have put the African Americans into. The main difficulty that Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson had to overcome was the people that didn’t want the African Americans to get into the same class as them but eventually they got everyone onto the same page.

In the end Jackie Robinson became a famous person not because of how good he was at baseball but because of how the Americans were treating all African Americans in his time, and how Branch Rickey was helping him through the adversities that the Americans have done to not just him but all the African Americans.


We can learn from others adversity's how we can either help them get through them or how we can know how to stop them before they even occur. Even if we are different colors all people should be equal and we can help each other become equal if they aren't. In conclusion we can always help others and get through anything.