A quick note about Senior Sendoff

Hey Student leaders!

Senior sendoff is tomorrow at 10am at Kanapaha Park! All of you are invited and encouraged to attend. A few things people have asked:

Carpools: If you need a ride, ask your fellow officers in your club or people in your discipleship chain, and if you're still stumped, post in the Catholic Gators group. I'm sure someone can take you!

Who sends off the seniors? Anyone with good stuff to say about the senior can say it as long as it's in the 3-5 minute time frame (total per person - there's a bunch of you guys!) - but disciples and fellow officers, it's your job to make sure your seniors get sent off! Remember the guidelines please: things that are heartwarming, inspiring, funny or encouraging are great. Things that belittle people are not. :)

Questions, concerns, comments? Don't hesitate to ask!