Tropical Wet

Tropical rainy by Olivia Koop

Climate Location

Tropical wet climates are only found along the equator, this is usually found within 25 degrees of the equator. Places that are tropical wet include Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia and also the Phillippines.
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Seasons and temperature range

The seasons don't really change. There is only one season. The earth revolves around the sun and that causes for this type of climate to always have direct light which makes it warm all the time. The greenhouse effect also does it part in keeping it warm also. This climate is very humid and never goes under 60 degrees but usually are around 80 degrees.
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Yearly Precipitation

It is usually raining here. It is very humid and wet. The forest is watered year long. There is no winter here and it is usually never dry here.

Factors affecting climate

The greenhouse effect is a big effect in how humid it is here. This keeps it very warm all the time. There is no winter here which has the effect of it always being warm.