October 16, 2015

School Bus Safety Week

October 19-23 is School Bus Safety Week. Please remember to thank the bus drivers and monitors for getting our students to school and back home safely!

Next Week & Beyond

Monday, October 19th
  • End of 1st Qtr
  • BMX Bike Show at 9:30

Tuesday, October 20th

  • 1:00 Safety Kids
  • 6:30 PM FBC Community Event at South
  • 8:00 FIRST #JCedchat of the year

Wednesday, October 21st

  • Grading Window Closes
  • Snack Day Group B
  • 8:45 Fire Drill
  • 1:15 Early Release
  • 2:30 Larry & other Board Office Admin to talk about Facilities
  • 3:45 Staff Meeting
  • 5:00 PTA Meeting

Thursday, October 22nd

  • Grade Cards sent home
  • Safe Kids Trailer for K and 1
  • 3:45-8 Parent teacher Conferences (Dinner from Domenicos)

Friday, October 23rd

10/26- 10:00 School Board Member Tour

3:45-8- Parent Teacher Conferences (Taco bar. Meat provided by FBC. Bethany is

sending out the sign up list)

10/28- 1st Gr to Fischer Farm

10/29- 9:00 Character Ed Assembly

FUN RUN (schedule coming soon)

2:00- Fall parties

4:00- Staff Night at El Espolon on 179. Al are welcome to join!

10/30- No School

11/1- Daylight Saving Time- Fall Back 1 hour

Little Big Stuff!

  • Please look at your website and make sure it is up to date! Make sure your information and schedule reflect what is happening with your learners.
  • Remember to log your exercise activity in ActivTrax.
  • Make sure you read the SRI book and sign off in the Library.
  • Box Tops and other labels. We will be drawing tickets for Box Tops and other labels in the office. Students will receive a ticket for each 10 labels that they bring. We will not do the Box Top store.

Character Trait- Responsibility


The Offices of Staff Services and Data, Assessment, and Planning are hosting training on how to access district curriculum and generate data reports from SchoolNet. The district's goal is for all curriculum to be accessed through SchoolNet by second semester. Schoolnet will also serve as a place for teachers to access longitudinal data on the students currently on their roster. Teachers will need to know how to access both curriculum and student data in Schoolnet. This training will be different than the other Schoolnet training provided up to this point.

Dates still available include:

10/20, 10/27, 10/28

All trainings will be at Dix Road from 4:00-5:00 p.m. Register on MyLearningPlan to attend.

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Turn and Talk

Check out this video to see a classroom teacher set the expectations for Turn and Talk. By doing this, she maximizes student engagement and time on task!
Talking to a Partner (Interactive Modeling)

We Are...South School

We build each other up and we give HOPE to our students for a better tomorrow. Do we make a difference? YOU BET! #Everyday