Rebel Without A Cause

By: Cameron Ward

Plato- Character Traits

Crazy. Plato is crazy because he shot puppies for no reason. He would shoot cops, people for basically no reason.

Lonely. Plato is lonely because he really never had fun before because he was always alone his whole life. His parents even left him.

Why do you think Plato shot the puppies?

I personally think why as to Plato shot the puppies was just simply because he was crazy. He shot basically everything, for no reason. Including the cops. Plato just seemed to have big mood swings and when he was in a bad mood, it was a dangerous bad mood. He struggled with problems such as his parents leaving him which could have influenced him to act out on things with violence.

Plato's Main Problems

Plato had many problems throughout the story including all the trouble he got in. He is had a lot of family problems. His parents left him, which may have caused him to act out like he did throughout the whole story.

Plato shooting the puppies could have played a roll with his parents leaving. This may be true because Pluto shot them because they were a family and he didn't like that they had their family while he was still stuck without any sort of family. Know one really knows why he did such a thing as shoot the puppies but I think his parents leaving him played a roll in this event.

Plato Did Not Learn His Lesson

I don't think Plato learned his lesson. He kept going crazy and shooting things. First it was the puppies then he started shooting at human beings. He obviously did not learn his lesson because he ended up shot and dead which is ironic, on how he shot everything and then he ended up being shot.

Chicken Run

The chicken run added to the story because it showed how important it was to people to not be an outcast and fit in. The game of chicken went as far as someone losing their life (Buzz) just because people were throwing around the word chicken. This game played a huge part in the movie, on how it showed what it was like to be a kid in the 50's. You did whatever you could to just fit in with the, "cool" crowd.

Main Lesson

I think the main lesson of this film was that moving into a new environment, disobeying your parents, and trying to hard to fit in, is not what you want to go through in life. I think the story tries to show you that people go through a lot and all the anger you have built up in you can come out stronger then ever if you don't get it taken care of. Such as with Plato and him shooting people.