Nellie Bly

Phileas Fogg's Fictional Record Broken

Nellie Bly's History

Nellie was was born May 5, 1867 in Cochran Mills, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Michael Cochran and Elizabeth Jane Cochran. Nellie also had two brothers who she moved with Pittsburgh.
Silent Introductions: Nellie Bly

Nellie's Middle ages

Nellie went to New York to work for Pulitzer. Nellie pretended to be mentally insane to be let into an asylum on Blackwells Island. She exposed conditions for the patients and wrote Ten Days in a Mad House similar there was very harsh conditions in the asylum, because of this she was the best known writer of her time.

Nellie's Record

Nellie Bly was determined to conquer Phileas's fictional record for the fastest circumnavigation time. Nellie was sponsored by the well known writer Joesph Pulitzer. She set the record at 72 days. Nellie left November 14, 1889 and returned January 25, 1890. Nellie died at age 57 on January 27, 1922 of pneumonia.

Joseph Pulitzer

Pulitzer was born April 10, 1847, died October 29, 1911 at age 64. Pulitzer sponsored them because he wanted more money than he had.

Deeper Thinking

This action has shown women they can do and be anything they want with hard work. If Nellie did not do this women would not be know for journalism or traveling the world. She affected us because my dad might not have been a teacher.


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