Figurative Language

Simile, Idiom, Hyperbole, Pun, and Irony



A comparison of two unlike things using the words Like or as.



A group of words whose collective meaning is quite different from their individual, literal meaning.



an exaggeration that cannot be possibly true



a play on words using homophones, but have different meanings



The opposite of what you would think would happen happens

Short Story including all the types of Figurative Language I talked about

The Baseball Game

Today, I have a huge game it was a match-up of my team (the Reds) and another team(the Braves.) There was a sign that said always open above the concession stand but there was a sign under it that said closed. At warm-ups we threw and my throwing partner(Alex) through the ball as fast as slingshot launching a stone. Then we saw the Braves arrive. They were yelling while warming up and a lumberjack that was present at the game said ¨wood you stop.¨ The other team said¨no!¨ so we just ignored them.
The game started and Alex was the starting pitcher. He struck the 3 people that got to bat out. Then we saw that Dillon was the starting pitcher and I said¨This will be a piece of cake,¨ because I was the starting batter. I stepped up to the plate and I drilled the ball it hit the fence and when they got the ball to the cut-off I was on third. The third base coach signaled the next batter and i ran faster than a Bugatti going full speed. My team was cheering and patting me on the back because we were winning 1-0. After the 3 outs I went back to 2nd base to play defense I exclaimed,"Alex just throw strikes and we should get out of this inning,"

After 5 innings of play the score is tied 3-3 and it is the bottom of the 6th with me up to bat. They have their flame thrower in,Johnny, and he threw the first pitch. Ball one i told myself but the ump said strike. Then he threw it down the middle and I hit it and got a single.I told the next batter he's throwing heat and to watch out for the change-up. The third base coach gave me the steal sign and the batter the bunt sign and right when the pitcher released the ball I was on my horse over to 2nd. He bunted the ball and i turned 2nd and ran to third. I slid and the ump said SAFE! The next batter hit a blooper far in the outfield and as soon as the outfielder caught it I was sprinting home and I easily got the run. Our team was happy because we won and we had a party at my house.

There was a sign above the concession stand that said always open but there was a sign under it that said closed-irony

Alex threw the ball as fast as a slingshot launching a stone-simile

a lumberjack that was present at the game said"wood you stop"-pun

this will be a piece of cake-idiom

I ran faster than a Bugatti going full speed-hyperbole

he's throwing heat-idiom

I was on my horse over to 2nd-idiom

They have their flamethrower in-idiom