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From the Kids!

April 2015

This newsletter will give monthly updates on what's happening in 3rd grade Primary Talent Pool, and 4th/5th grade Gifted and Talented groups. Other than the reminders and shout-outs that I have included for you, it is written by the students. My 3rd grade language arts group is in charge of entering and editing the material each month.

With testing and end of the year activities coming up, this will be our last newsletter for the year. I have had a great year getting to know each of your children, and I hope you all have a wonderful summer break!


  • The Summer ExploreMore (K-5) and Leaders Launch Pad (5-8) programs at Covington Latin School will be held June 22-26 from 8:30-11:30. Each student will be able to choose 2 classes during this session. I will send home the brochure, once it is finalized. If you have any questions about this, feel free to call or e-mail me.

Spring Musical Shout-out

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We all enjoyed watching Brandon, Addie, and Lauren perform in the spring musical, HONK, earlier this month! They each did a wonderful job!


In March, 4th and 5th grades went to Dreamfest at NKU. Everyone had a great time, and we still get excited talking about it. Here are some reviews:

"Dreamfest is the best! I learned new things there about government bills, origami, and gators."

"I loved Dreamfest! I got to do art ,dance, and acting. I loved every second of it, and I learned so many new things!!!"

"Dreamfest was the best field trip! Lunch and all of the activities were great! Everyone should go once in their lives. My favorite class was First Comes Alpha. We learned programming. If you join the club, you can build your own robots!"

3rd Grade Language Arts

April: Richelle and Khalil

Organization Trait

We have been working on organizing our writing. We used sequence words, and we read The Secret Shortcut. It had a lot of fantasy in it. It was about Wendell and Floyd, and they never got to school on time. Once, they told their teacher that they were captured by space creatures! Wendell found a shortcut for them to try. They went into a jungle and ran into monkeys, crocodiles, a rickety bridge, quick sand, and had to swing on vines. Floyd didn't think they would make it to school, but they did!

We made our own maps that had a new short cut to school for them. We had to make new things for them to run into on the way to school. Then we made up a story to go with our maps, and we used sequence words. It was a lot of fun! Some of the maps had rivers and oceans, and some had animals like turtles and crocodiles. Everyone got to school on time. I think the maps are fantasy because I don't think they would make it on time in real life. We got to share them with the class and got to explain them.


Remember that you can always e-mail me at sara.butts@newport.kyschools.us, or call 292-3021 ext. 4300, if you have any questions.