America vs Canada

Travis Egenolf 1st period

Status of America and Canada

America and Canada have about the same economic status. They happen to share a really strong trading relationship, and the US exports and receives goods to and from Canada. Canada has an abundance of natural resources such as petroleum, coal, oil, lumber and many metals. America is great for coal, crops, livestock, and lumber. America also has a decent unemployment rate at 5.8%, while Canada's is at 6.9 percent. The US has a GDP per person of 53,000 and Canada's is about 52,000 per person. Both countries are about the same on an economic status.

Canada has a lot less cities than America, considering its cold climate. Most of the cities and the majority of the population of Canada lives near the US border. America has many cities spread out across the country, and most of the population is spreading out evenly throughout the country. Canada's population consists of Europeans as about 75% of the country, Hispanics, South Asian, Chinese, and a small amount of other races. America on the other hand, has about the same percent of Europeans, a growing population of Hispanics, Asians and African Americans.

America's government is a federal constitutional republic. This is where the elected president is the head of the government along with the Executive Branch and Judicial Branch. while Canada's government is a constitutional monarchy. This means that they recognize the King or Queen of Canada as the head of the state, and the Prime Minister is the head of the government. Both countries have a supreme leader that rules with other political leaders. Canada's army is considered small compared to America's. The US has 663 billion expenditures, while Canada has about 18 billion. This is a big difference between the two countries political status.

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