The Hunting Ground

By: Maxwell Ebong


The purpose of the documentary was to inform try to prevent the problem of rape occurring on college campuses. This documentary achieved this purpose by effectively using Logos and Pathos.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of this documentary is to stop rape on college campuses from occurring. Another purpose is to get those who have been raped while attending college to speak out and tell their story to help prevent any more rape from occurring.

Achieving the Purpose

The documentary did achieve its purpose by using pathos which were the personal interviews of the rape survivors, logos which were the statistics provided within the documentary such as "More than 10% of college women were raped" and " 88% of raped college women do not report it".
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This film in my perspective did very well in getting its point across and was also very emotional. It has made me acknowledge the problem of rape on college campuses, and issue I was ignorant about before.