John Wilkes Booth

Amani Fields Madisyn Green

"A fellow actor describes his eyes as being like living jewels" pg. 10

The actor sees John booth as a vibrant/bright person because of the looks of his eyes. This is an indirect charactization

"Booth presided over a meeting of some of the conspirators he had recruited over the previous months to strive against president Lincoln " pg.22

This is an direct characterization because his actions saw that's he was begin secretive by having the meeting with very little people

Extra details

"Booth was a thrill seeker so perhaps he wanted to increase his excitement by risking the use of a one shot pistol " pg.20

John Wilkes Booth took the risk to try and kill president Lincoln with a one bullet pistol. This was a indirect characterization .

" Booth knew the layout of Ford's intimately the exact spot on tenth street where Licoln would step out his carriage ,the box inside the theater where the president sat when he came to a performance

This characterization is indirect because the reader sees Booth as an obsessive person because of his actions and how he knows the whole layout of Ford's theater.

Prediction on Booth's future in the novel

We predict that someone from president Lincoln congress will find out about John Wilkes Booth plan and try to stop him from killing presidentLincoln.Or no one from Lincoln's congress will find out and booth plan will work. Another prediction is that Lincolns congress will try and go after John Wilkes Booth.Booth could kill Lincoln before Lincons congress gets to him